Things You Should Always Do to be successful.

7 Things You Should Always Do


If you want to be successful online you need to read and follow these simple instructions.

                   7 simple rules you Need To ALWAYS DO If you want to be successful online


If you want to be successful online you need to advertise to build your team. SERIOUS people want the same things you want. And although some days it may seem like a losing battle, You NEED TO KEEP WORKING at it – NEVER GIVE UP! If you seriously try hard enough, You WILL get it done. And That's When you will start making money


As an example, the 2 BEST programs I have found to build my list are Ad Slingers and FREE Safelists. These are great places to build a list because they have ALL the things that you and your team need to be successful.

First, your team needs to have an easy way to learn and Ad Slingers is the BEST place because it has every type of advertising they need to learn in one simple site. Plus, You can use your Ad Slingers mailer to help your team learn how to build a team. (Yes, this is a little ad for my Ad Singers..)

And did you know ?

Ad Slingers is also a GREAT place to advertise your other programs, like Solo Ads, PTC, PTR and other products that REALLY Work. Free Safelists are the next best way to build your Ad Slingers and if you look in your back office in Ad Slingers there are lists of Safelists and Traffic Exchanges that you can use to help build your Ad Slingers ,

And because Ad Slingers is FREE to join the Safelist members who are serious about working online WILL join Ad Slingers with you Then you can show them how to build a list like you are And you CAN invite your team into your other favorite programs.


Although advertising is the most important thing you will do because you can NOT build a team without advertising, taking care of your team is the next most important thing and taking care of your team is not difficult but you do have a responsibility to do the right thing for the people that you sponsor into ANY program.

So when they join you in Ad Slingers ( Or any other program ), you need to do what you can to help them learn what you know. They NEED TO LEARN that working online is not hard, It just takes time and a little work every day. So Please do the right thing, and send them a little update once or twice a week and let them know how you are doing.

They will appreciate it, and some of them might decide to do what you are doing but beware, If you are doing nothing to build your business today, Your team WILL likely do the same as you are.


Working online is easy, but learning how to work online successfully takes time and patience so don't expect to be able to learn it all in just a month or 2 and don't expect to make a GREAT income in that time either. So don't be surprised if it takes you at least 3 – 6 months to start making some money just keep working on building your list and follow your team leaders suggestions


Believe it or not, The best members of your team will try to imitate what you are doing and when you are successful they will want to be just like you. So we have to make sure that we set a good example by working at least a couple hours every day.
The more successful you want to be, The more advertising you should do.


You don't have to learn the entire internet in order to be successful. All you need is to repeat these 3 steps every day

A) Join some good credit based safelists and text ad exchanges.

B) Log into both of your gmail accounts every day and read the emails and click on the credit links in the emails so that you can earn enough credits so that you can send out your own ads. Also answer any emails from your group if you have any

C) Log into the safelists you are signed up for and send out your ads.This is all you have to do every day.

Repeat steps 1 – 3 until you have ALL the people you want in your group.


In order to be successfu,l you need to work with your teams AND The programs in The Ultimate Downline Builder.
The Ultimate Downline Builder is just one BIG team build where the members of all the teams get together to join
specific programs together

Team builds can be a good thing for all the members who join because we can structure the teams into the programs so that everyone can see a little money coming in every month pretty quickly, then we can show the members how to help their groups to do the same.

We are also working with other clubs who will be offering the same programs to their clubs on a rotating basis and that could also help you get a little spillover depending on how well their team members are working.

And ALL of the programs we have chosen for the Ultimate Downline Builder are programs that have been tested by us, that we are members of, and know the owners of so that we can help more people learn how to make money online.

But the best part of our team builds is that ALL the programs that we join will be advertising programs that have a FREE TRIAL option so that you can have a chance to test the advertising and watch your downline grow before you have to pay.

And we only work with advertising programs because it is all about teaching members how to build their lists so that they can learn how to be successful in ANY program.

Chuck Reynolds

L Basheer (LB) Hasan – TheGoldServants.Com