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What Will You Do When They Lock Down Our Monetary System?

What Will You Do When They Lock Down Our Monetary System?


 When this event hits everything gets locked down including, your bank account, your brokerage account.  Everything and anything in the digital world gets locked down.  What will you do?  Do you have money stored away in a safe place at home? Do you have Gold or Silver in small transaction friendly weights.

In 2008 we witnessed a financial crisis that caused losses that were experienced by many.  The crisis that is coming will make that one look like a dress rehearsal in comparison.  There will be a period that what you have put away in your home in the form of money, gold, silver, and other tangibles will be all you have to provide for your family's needs.  Although many providers of small transaction friendly Gold are on back order, the company I am affiliated with has all you need.

Many of my friends are using this source to prepare and protect their family for when this event occur.  There is still time to prepare.  It is not a matter of IF.  It's a matter of WHEN!  What will you do when they lock down our monetary system? Thank you for taking the time to read this article.



L Basheer (LB) Hasan – TheGoldServants.Com

Learn A POWERFUL Way To Make Your MONEY Work For YOU…

Learn A POWERFUL Way To Make Your MONEY Work For YOU…

…Instead Of YOU Working For Your MONEY!

Wednesday evening, June 15th, a project came across my desk, (in the 2nd video below), from one of my business partners that stopped me dead in my tracks.  It was so striking that, not only did I sign up for it the very next day, but 48 hours later I was wiring Five Hundred Dollars to fund my 1st account in this project.

After further investigation, within the next 72 hours, I had decided that the 5K that I had requested from one of my other accounts the previous week to invest in another project, I was going to place in this project too.  On Friday, June 24th, I wired that 5K to fund my 2nd account in this project.  In other words, I had just found a POWERFUL Way to make my money work for me, instead of me working for my money, earning anywhere from 8-38% per month.

Not only will my account make those kinds of gains, but I have to recruit No One, and all I have to do is Set It and Forget It, and it does the rest. That got my attention, my friends. You may be wondering, what is this you are talking about LB?  The name of the Company is iMarketsLive, Founded by Multi-Millionaire Christopher Terry.

The 100 Million Dollar Man

Since 2001, Mr. Terry has been a Headline speaker at many of the major derivative conferences, for Moneyshow.com/Traders Expo events, as well as TradeStation World, Traders Library Annual Forum, International Online Traders Expo, and many other Private Groups. Over the years, he has built a worldwide following and has traveled extensively throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America, speaking on Understanding and Applying the Principles of Success, and how to create financial independence. His goal is to reach out to as many people as possible around the world who want to achieve their desires of financial independence on a scale they never dreamed was possible. And in August 2012, Mr. Terry made the decision it was time to act on this Philosophy, and International Markets Live, Inc. was born.

Featured in:
SFO: Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine
Swing-trade-stocks: The Trader Business-Plan
TigerShark Trading: Interview 

Take a few moments and get a glimpse of the heart behind this company in the video below.  And then take a few more moments and look at the next video, which is one of the Leaders in this Company, that was the first video that I ever watched about this Company and project.

A Way To Fund Your Favorite Projects

My favorite project is that of acquiring  a SERIOUS Savings in GOLD, Real Money.  I had put in a request for that 5 Grand to buy me a Karatbars Premium Package.  But a week after I had put in for that withdrawal, that I did not receive until this Friday, I was shown a way that not only will I be able to buy my Karatbars Premium Package but every month thereafter I will be able to add at least 2 Grand to my savings in GOLD.  That, my friend, was an opportunity that I just could not afford to pass up.

I am using the MIrror-Trader/Auto-Trader to do all this, one of iMarketsLive three Awesome products.  You just set it and forget it, and go about living your life.  You don't have to worry about learning how to trade if you don't want to.  And I don't want to at this time, but if you want to you can.  I have too many other things I want to spend my time doing, building my team and enjoying me some life. You now have a way to fund your favorite projects.  Just put you a chunk of money to work for yourself, instead of you working for your money, and after a time, make regular withdrawals like I intend to do, and like so many others are already doing.

How Do You Get Started?

If this makes sense to you, and you would like to get started like so many of our team members are doing.  Open your iMarketsLive Account ===> HERE.  At the bottom left of that application enter my referral ID# or the ID# of our team member that referred you to this post that will appear there ==> < 782235 >.  To finish setting up your account go to www.imltrain.com,  and just follow the instructional videos.  If you have any questions, please contact me or our team member who referred you to this post.  And let me be the first to welcome you to our iMarketsLive family.

And To All You Seasoned Network Marketers…

In my 40 plus years of network marketing, never have I seen it so easy to produce a $600 monthly residual income, as it is here with iMarketsLive.  And that's only the BEGINNING!  This marketing plan is a complete BEAST, my friends.  See for yourself in the video below.  And if you prefer to have it in PDF, you will find it ===> HERE.

To The Members Of Our IMarketsLive Family

All of the posts that I have made since April has been using the MarketHive platform.  It matters not what your interests are, MarketHive can help you do it better.  It is FREE, generic, and does not conflict with whatever your interest are.  I invite you to come test drive this vehicle.  You might just find that you like it, just like myself and host of others do.  It's like NOTHING ELSE out there. It is the most powerful inbound marketing platform on the Net.  And you can keep loving what you do without any competition. And as a bonus, you will be able to take this post and any post that I or my associates make, and edit it and make them yours.  I invite you to come join "The Rise Of The Entrepreneur" as our guest.

Your humble servant – L Basheer (LB) Hasan  – www.LBLeads.com  –  515-991-3999

L Basheer (LB) Hasan – TheGoldServants.Com

Can We Go Nowhere Any Faster? How Karatbars Is Helping One Courageous Woman…

Can We Go Nowhere Any Faster?  How Karatbars Is Helping One Courageous Woman…

How Karatbars Is Helping One Courageous Woman Fuel Her Passion To Empower An Entire Region

When I saw the notice on FaceBook that Karatbars had launched my new friend, and fellow Karatbars affiliate, Dr. Debi Thomas's collector card, shown above, I was struck by her story and achievements, that I was compelled to write about it.  It is such an inspiration to people, who have struggled, fallen down, and gotten back up again.  And then to cap it off, take on a Mission to empower not just herself and a few, but an entire Region.  Also, it takes great character, humility, and lots of LOVE, to be so vulnerable in the face of others.  My hat is off to you both, Jamie & Debi.  I wish you much Success in your Mission, and I will do what I can to contribute to it.  And my friends will, too.

There is No Shame in falling down.  All the greats have done so, at some point in their lives.  The shame is in not getting back up.  The book says, "…judge not, that ye be not judged." And here are some holy words of GOD that I keep very close to my heart, "…Here no evil and see no evil, abase not thyself, neither sigh and weep.  Speak no evil, that thou mayest not hear it spoken unto thee, and magnify not the faults of others that thine own faults may not appear great; and wish not the abasement of anyone, that thine own abasement be not exposed. Live then the days of thy life, that are less than a fleeting moment, with thy mind stainless, thy heart unsullied, thy thoughts pure, and thy nature sanctified, so that, free and content, thou mayest put away this mortal frame, and repair unto the mystic paradise and abide in the eternal kingdom for evermore." The meanings of these words are goals I reach for throughout my life.



Save Coal Country's Economy & Environment Network (SCCEEN)

The Founders

Jamie Looney and Dr. Debi Thomas are an odd couple, but a strong force together. Jamie is a country-boy who grew up in Grundy, Virginia and worked in the coal mining industry over a 20 year span. Debi is a former Olympian and orthopedic surgeon who moved to the community to start a private practice, but found a new passion for helping the community by learning from Jamie about the socioeconomic struggles of the region and suggesting they make a team effort to bring much needed socially responsible economic change to the Appalachian Mountain communities.

The Mission

Our mission is to improve the economy and environment of our communities with fresh 21st century ideas while respectively celebrating and preserving the culture and beauty of the Appalachian Mountain region

How do we plan to do it?

We have done the research and know the facts. We know there are many citizens and organizations out there who have similar ideas. We also know there is untapped potential to reach businesses who have never considered this region as a place to conduct business. We want to create a network which brings together interested parties to work together on a regular basis to bring real and more rapid change. We are affiliates of an e-commerce business, Karatbars International, which has a system in place for generating financial security through gold savings while providing the opportunity to generate passive income through referrals. This system is FREE to join, and requires limited skills. Click here to learn more about it.

How can you help?

We need progressive thinkers to support our cause. We feel that this is a socially responsible purpose and have left our professions to work full time for a cause which we believe will improve the lives of many in our communities where there is still a great deal of socioeconomic distress.

My Message To All My Friends

I support Jamie and Debi in their Mission to improve the Economy and Environment of the Appalachian Mountain Region.  And on behalf of Jamie, Debi and me, I ask all of my friends, Please go visit their site at, (Save Coal Country's Economy & Environment Network SCCEEN), and contruibute what ideas, time, and treasure that you can, to this NOBLE Cause.  I will do all I can to help their cause, and I ask you to do what you can, too. Jamie, Debi, and I thank you. And the people of the Appalachian Mountain Region thanks you too.

If you believe that my message is worth spreading, please use the share buttons if they show at the top of the page.

Your humble servant  – L Basheer (LB) Hasan  – www.LBLeads.Com



L Basheer (LB) Hasan – TheGoldServants.Com

My Why For Joining MarketHive

My Why For Joining MarketHive…

I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 12 when I got my first of three paper routes before the age of 14.  I was the first of eight children.  I have worked a job of some kind since the age of 14, and throughout my Junior and Senior High School years.  We were poor so I had to help out.  I did not go to college , but I did graduate from High School.


I have always had a love for people.  I meet No Strangers.  As a newly-wed when I was 22, I was introduced to Home-Based business for the very first time in 1972.  Since that time I have worked some kind of Home-based business along side my J.O.B. every year til 2014.


July of 2013 I found the Home-based business that has allowed me to experience the Greatest Success Of My Life.  And in March of 2014 I was able to Quit my J.O.B.


In 2004, my mission statement was made clear to me, “To seek, embrace and teach, spiritual, financial, and healthcare for all people, by increasing more life for more people, and creating new possibilities for myself and others, that I may fulfill Your words that says, “… By the Most Great Name!  The splendor of such a wealthy man shall illuminate the dwellers of heaven even as the sun enlightens the people of the earth!”  And that I may travel teach throughout Central States spreading Your fragrances of holiness that You direct me to, and that I may sustain myself, and teach others to sustain themselves through the entrepreneurial efforts You have guided me too.”


That has been my prayer for all these years to this day, and when MarketHive came into my life, I saw it as being the latest piece that GOD has sent my way to help me in fulfilling the above prayer that will allow me to give many hundred’s of thousands of Dollars, or whatever our currency may be, to my favorite charity, so that the world can be a better place because I came this way.

Your humble servant – L Basheer (LB) Hasan – www.TrueSuccessFast.com

L Basheer (LB) Hasan – TheGoldServants.Com

I Lost 30 lbs. In WK#3 With The O²Breakthrough…

I Lost 30 lbs. In WK#3 With The O²Breakthrough…

(Me, Dr. Moore, and Rashard at our Karatbars Event for our team in Aruba April 2015)

(Us with Thomas SchrannerDirector of International Operations of Karatbars, at our Event in Miami May 2014)

(Me with The President & CEO of Karatbars at The Freedom Celebration in LA April 2016)


I Lost 30 lbs. In WK#3 With The O²Breakthrough…

"…The temple of being is My throne; cleanse it of all things, that there I may be established and there I may abide."

I lost 30 lbs. in week #3 with the O²Breakthrough, by doing what the scripture above says.   I reflect on those holy words throughout my life.  Sometimes I am better at living up to them, and sometimes I'm not. The pic of me at the top of the page shows a time when I was not doing a very good job of it.  It was a time when I was grossly overweight around 236 lbs. I had the desire to do better but just did not have the method or plan to get it done.  It was not until late August 2015 that I stumbled upon the person that would change my life forever.

While making calls that day to get customers for my GOLD business, little did I know that I would be calling the scientist who created The O²Breakthrough.  As I went through my phone presentation, I was struck by why my potential prospect would not accept my offer to look into my GOLD business, and the reason was, she had been given a proven medical & scientific breakthrough that no one on the planet was teaching but her.  I soon learned that it was called The O²Breakthrough.

Having A Talk With GOD That Morning…

That very same morning, after I had made me a cup of coffee, I went outside to look up into the heavens and have a talk with GOD. The conversation I had with GOD went something like this.  " I need your help here, GOD.  I don't have the energy I'm used to having, I'm getting bigger and bigger, and I need Your help on getting a handle on my health. You have always come through for me and I really need Your help now."  I finished drinking my cup of coffee, went back inside, had me some breakfast, and started making phone calls in Utah for customers for my business.

I started making calls around 10am that Thursday morning, August 27th, 2015.  Around 2pm, little did I know that the phone call I was about to make would really change things.  The name on my list was Zna Trainer, and when the lady answered the phone I began my conversation inviting her to take a look at a Winning Opportunity. She graciously declined my offer and began to tell me about the scientific breakthrough that she had created that had been changing people's lives for over four decades.  That medical and scientific discovery was called The O²Breakthrough.  I must say I was thoroughly intrigued by what I was learning, and that call lasted over an hour before we parted.

Let's Do This…

After looking over some of her Youtube videos and Twitter post, I called Zna again the following morning with my questions.  I decided that I wanted to do The O²Breakthrough.  And I made the decision to enroll in her program for three months. I started the following day, Saturday, August 29, 2015.  

Before starting The O²BreakthroughI was going to the Y at least 5-days per week for over six months and I lost NOTHING. I have not worked out ONE day at the Y since starting Zna's program.  I do not count calories, and I do not have to do body jarring exercises.  I weighed 236 lbs.when I started Zna's program, and I lost 30 lbs. in my first three weeks. In my first 3 months, I went from 236 to 186 lbs. I have gotten down as low as 172 lbs., from a 46" waist to a 30" waist, today.  Now that I have burned all of my fat, Zna tells me that I have begun to build bone density and muscle mass.  When I had my last weigh in about two weeks ago I was 177 lbs., 5 lbs. heavier in the last four weeks.

People are amazed at how good I look. I get compliments almost every day.  I feel good, and I am very pleased with my results, and I intend to be doing  The O²Breakthrough for the rest of my life.  Every morning I wake up and look into the mirror, I notice a little more sculpturing and toning somewhere on my body.  This has been one amazing journey, and it keeps getting better.

If you have some pounds you would like to shed, if you have some aches and pains you would like to see gone, please come join our group with your question at O²Breakthrough®BODY  where Zna Trainer, the Creator of The O²Breakthrough will answer your questions.  She has overcome a plethora of her own health challenges and has been given answers to many of yours. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and the video below is with a scientist, who was one of Zna's clients, too.  Enjoy!

L Basheer (LB) Hasan  –  Your Friend & Business Partner  –  http://www.lbleads.com

L Basheer (LB) Hasan – TheGoldServants.Com