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…Teach A Man To Fish, And You Feed Him For A Lifetime!

"Give A Man A Fish And You Feed Him For A Day.  Teach A Man To Fish, And You Feed Him For A Lifetime!"

The 100 MILLION Dollar Man Is Teaching In Iowa July 30th

Chris Terry, Founder & CEO of iMarketsLive, is teaching men and women around the world to fish in the largest economic pond on the planet, the 5 Trillion Dollar per day Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Market.  Most people are intimidated by this pond, and you have every right to be because it is NO picnic.  It will take your lunch money, your kids lunch money, and your grandkids lunch money, lol.  But Chris is a MASTER Trader with 24 years of experience, and around 100 MILLION Dollars in earnings that say, he knows what he is doing!  And he is teaching men and women, who knew Nothing about fishing in this pond, how to successfully fish in it and get Major catches, too.  And he will be in West Des Moines Iowa, July 30th, to teach us MORE, and you are invited. Are you coming?

Chris Is Teaching Men & Women Around The World How To Fish

Some of us have NO intentions of ever trading.  And then, there are some of us that have heavy schedules and are making money using the IML Mirror-Trader, for now, to trade for us, and we are studying in our available time to be able to trade our own account in the near future.  Whether you want to trade, or never want to learn to trade, you can make from 5-30% per month by using the IML 100% Hands-Free Mirror Trading Service.

Some of us are interested in the network marketing aspects of this project, and some of us have NO interest in it at all.  But regardless, everyone comes to IML as a customer, being a product of the product.  Everybody has the option of getting their IML Services for FREE by sharing it with 2 others.  Then, and only then, can you upgrade to IBO, and start building your IML business, if that is something you are interested in.  Otherwise, just enjoy your life, and let IML provide you a way to make your money work for you in your sleep like the Banks do, as an IML customer.

Earn & Learn – iMarketsLive Explained by its Founder & CEO Chris Terry

* No Sales * No Recruiting * No Rejection * Just Make Money *

The beauty of what Chris has put together with iMarketsLive is that the product is what attracts most people to IML.  This is truly "The Rise of the Entrepreneur."  He has taken something that was extremely difficult and overwhelming and simplified it for the masses.  You can make money with IML and not recruit a soul. You are not selling anything, either, to make your money.  You just decide if you want to learn how to trade your account yourself, or if you want one of IML's Master traders to trade it for you. You have several to choose from.  You are always in the driver's seat concerning your account.

And if you have CASH tucked away in a Bank earning 1% or less per year, or in some other investment vehicle earning you little or nothing, you may want to look at putting some of those funds to work earning you some income, instead of earning you NOTHING.

How Do You Get Started?

If this makes sense to you, and you would like to get started like so many of our friends and loved ones are doing.  Open your iMarketsLive Account ===> HERE.  At the bottom left of that application enter my referral ID# or the ID# of our team member that referred you to this post that will appear there ==> < 782235 >.  To finish setting up your account go to www.imltrain.com,  and just follow the instructional videos.  If you have any questions, please contact me or our team member who referred you to this post.  And let me be the first to welcome you to our iMarketsLive family.

Learn From Chris Terry In Person

Come meet Chris Terry on July 30th, here in West Des Moines Iowa, and learn how iMarketsLive can help you realize your DREAM.  He will be sharing with everyone, who comes, how they can utilize the FOREX Market to reach their Financial Independence.  We will be hosting him at the Sheraton Inn, West Des Moines from 9am – 4pm. And guests are FREE. So, please come be my guest.  Just go register ===> HERE!  And please tell a Friend, and bring them with you.  Come meet the 100 Million Dollar Man and Learn How To Make Your Money Work For You, Instead Of You Working For Your Money!

To The Members Of Our IMarketsLive Family

If anyone would like to have a page similar to this to promote their IML business, please text L.B. at (515) 991-3999 with your request, and he will text you instructions on how to set up your own page for FREE with its own URL and your referral links in it that you can text, and post on any or all of the social media platforms.

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