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Building Our 3rd And Final Company…
-A Legacy For Generations


Former Founder of Mona•vie

Dallin Larsen is a former Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year and former CEO of the Year in the state of Utah. He has helped create billions in revenue in direct selling, providing jobs for people in Utah and opportunity for independent business owners around the world.

Larsen founded a billion dollar company in 2005 and grew that company from zero to nearly a billion dollars in less than five years. Commenting on the company’s success, he would often say, “I don’t want my company to be the best company in the world; I want it to be the best company FOR the world.” Larsen stood by that statement as he established the MORE Project to help the people of Brazil. The company’s fundraising efforts provided approximately 1,500 meals per week to underprivileged children, and educated thousands of teens and adults, enabling them to find jobs, and helping them to rise above the favelas (slums).

Prior, Larsen held senior executive positions and was instrumental in the launch and growth of USANA Health Sciences from 1991 to 2000.

An entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a leader among leaders, Larsen has reaped the fruits of his labors. His success in business, and in life, comes as the natural result of properly applying his business acumen with a sincere desire to help others succeed and achieve lasting significance in their lives. He’s known in the direct sales industry as “the distributor’s CEO” because people know that he cares and has their best interests at heart. Couple that with an incomparable stage presence, and it’s no wonder why he has such a following. When Larsen returns to start his final venture, people will be ready and they will engage.

Four Founders Welcoming The First Founder On My Team…
You Should Come Join Us Too…

Hello my friend,

When I sat down with Nalani on Feb 6th and heard about VASAYO for the very first time, I had NO INTENTION of joining this Company because I was already committed to a project. But when I heard about the life changing products from her and the disruptive science which they represented, and more importantly, the mission of it’s Founder of building his last Company that will never be sold, that will be a “Legacy for Generations”, I said to myself, that I Must Not let this opportunity pass me by.

The first friend of mine that made the decision to join me in attending a VASAYO view on Feb 23rd was Jane, who was recovering from major surgery on her feet. And just like me, she made it clear that she was going to hear about what I was so excited about, but had no intention of joining this Company. And after hearing about the Company, it’s products and mission, and when she felt the love that the four Founding ladies in that meeting showered upon her, she was compelled to not only join this Company and it’s mission, but to become one of it’s Founders, too.

When I joined this Company of Feb 6th, I came in with the Premium Package. As time went on I realized that the Founders Package was an opportunity that I did not want to MISS. I looked at it as my “Micosoft Moment”. Although I did not have the available cash to make that purchase, I kept the goal in front of my mind to get that accomplishment done, before those 7500 Shares were either all bought or were no longer available.

When I woke Sunday morning, Feb 26th, GOD gave me a proposal to give to one of my friends. I followed the directions HE gave me that morning and offered them to my friend. Initially, my friend accepted my offer, but upon waking the following morning amendments were required to make the proposal fly. Those amendments were made and my friend loaned me the SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. And as of 11am M.S.T., Feb 27th, I became one of the Newest Founders of the VASAYO Experience. 


If you are looking for a way to achieve Financial Freedom and the Dreams that have drifted out of your reach, I am here to tell you that you are in the Right Place at the Right Time, and this is your “Microsoft Moment” to get them Accomplished! 

Dallin Larsen IS NO JOKE, and he is like the Bill Gates of our time, because what he is building is as DISRUPTIVE as Microsoft was in it’s beginning. He is building a Legacy Company that will benefit it’s members children’s children, as well as it’s members. And we are at the BEGINNING of It ALL, and that is HUGE! 

He has built Billion Dollar Companies twice, and his third will be his Finest Achievement. And don’t forget, he brings all the lessons he has learned from those two extraordinary experiences. And he is committed to spending the rest of his days building his 3rd and Final Company. 


This Legacy Company is built upon 5 Pillars: (1) World Class Leadership-Proven Founders Dallin And Karree Larsen Guide The Way (2) Disruptive Science And Products-The Science Behind VASAYO Products Is Truly Disruptive (3) The Right Timing-Partnering Now With VASAYO Could Make All The Difference (4) Generous Rewards-Success For The Lifestyle You Want (5) Proven System

DO NOT let this opportunity pass you by. Get with the person who shared this information with you and get involved. Just Get In Where You Fit In! But if your circumstances allow, becoming a Founder is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY that you don’t want to MISS, and time is running out. The deadline is March 31st or when the last Founder’s package is sold. AND THERE ARE NOT MANY LEFT. So Let’s Get Moving! DON’T BE LEFT KICKING YOURSELF FOR NOT MOVING ON THIS!

If you want to become part of something HUGE, that has Never Been Done Before, that is Transforming Lives Physically, Financially, Spiritually, And Socially Through The Superior Delivery Of Products, Opportunity, And Community, Please Come Join Us, And Let’s CHANGE Lives! 


To your success,
L Basheer (LB) Hasan


L Basheer (LB) Hasan – TheGoldServants.Com