My Why For Joining MarketHive

My Why For Joining MarketHive…

I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 12 when I got my first of three paper routes before the age of 14.  I was the first of eight children.  I have worked a job of some kind since the age of 14, and throughout my Junior and Senior High School years.  We were poor so I had to help out.  I did not go to college , but I did graduate from High School.


I have always had a love for people.  I meet No Strangers.  As a newly-wed when I was 22, I was introduced to Home-Based business for the very first time in 1972.  Since that time I have worked some kind of Home-based business along side my J.O.B. every year til 2014.


July of 2013 I found the Home-based business that has allowed me to experience the Greatest Success Of My Life.  And in March of 2014 I was able to Quit my J.O.B.


In 2004, my mission statement was made clear to me, “To seek, embrace and teach, spiritual, financial, and healthcare for all people, by increasing more life for more people, and creating new possibilities for myself and others, that I may fulfill Your words that says, “… By the Most Great Name!  The splendor of such a wealthy man shall illuminate the dwellers of heaven even as the sun enlightens the people of the earth!”  And that I may travel teach throughout Central States spreading Your fragrances of holiness that You direct me to, and that I may sustain myself, and teach others to sustain themselves through the entrepreneurial efforts You have guided me too.”


That has been my prayer for all these years to this day, and when MarketHive came into my life, I saw it as being the latest piece that GOD has sent my way to help me in fulfilling the above prayer that will allow me to give many hundred’s of thousands of Dollars, or whatever our currency may be, to my favorite charity, so that the world can be a better place because I came this way.

Your humble servant – L Basheer (LB) Hasan –

L Basheer (LB) Hasan – TheGoldServants.Com