Do You Know What Zen Is?


Do You Know What Zen Is?


It is very simple and yet, it is very complex to describe. Zen Buddhism is a path and a vision of life that does not belong to any of the formal categories of modern Western thought. Zen is not a religion or a philosophy; there is a certain degree of psychology and science. It is an example of what is in India and China  known as a “Path of Liberation”, and in this sense is similar to Taoism, Vedanta, and Yoga, Zen does not force anyone to change their beliefs and their lives. Everyone has the freedom to believe in their own ideals and truths.

Zen, is a form of Buddhism that emphasizes seeking one’s own Buddha nature through meditation.

The purpose of Zen practice is to become fully consciousHere and Now! To become one with the present moment; It is to be truly in the place in which we live. The purpose of the practice of Zen is to experience our true nature, our Buddha nature!

Defining Zen is like trying to describe the ocean to someone who has never been close to the seashore. Zen is just to sit without any purpose or spirit of enjoyment, if the posture, breathing, and attitude are in harmony, you experience the true Zen, the Buddha nature is perceived.

Zen Buddhism is a practice that has been transmitted without interruption from master to disciple, that goes back to the spiritual awakening (Satori in Japanese) of a man named Siddhartha Gautama (Shakyamuni Gautama in Japanese) – The Buddha, 2,500 years ago in India.

Zen Buddhism is not a theory, an idea, or a statement of understanding. It is not a belief, a dogma or a religion; but rather, it is a practical experience. You cannot understand Zen through the intellect; you must experience it, in person. Zen is not a moral teaching, nor a dogma. It does not require that you believe in anything in particular.

Zen practice is the process of learning how to live one’s life in accord with the teachings of the Buddha; being awake and aware and cultivating the inherently human qualities of wisdom and compassion.

Where Zen differs from other forms of Buddhist practice is the emphasis on using Zazen, or seated meditation, to look into one’s own nature. There are thousands of books on Zen and Buddhism, but to practice Zen, you don’t have to read a single one. The direct experience of reality, and living in accord with this, is available to each one of us at every moment.

Being Zen is to learn to forget oneself and thus be able to concentrate on one thing. Being Zen is to know how to make silence within yourself and discover our true dimension. The secret of Zen is Zazen or seated meditation.


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